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Decided to try a 2020 Touring Map on my 2017 FLHR. Actually seemed to be a much better fuel map but spit out a U0121 & U0100 DTC.

The U021 code is related to the ABS options, which my 2017 FLHR does not have. The U0100 code is not clear. In addition, the little red security light stayed on all the time but the bike ran fine. In any case, the U0121 code cannot be cleared and the dealer had no idea what was going on and wanted to charge me $139 for a 1-hour diagnostic session.

As I suspected, uploading my previous map resolved the problem. Apparently the 2020 Stage 1 map (A41W00811B) does not play with previous model year bikes. So why are fuel maps now tied to model year bikes? ABS has nothing to do with a fuel map change!

There are virtually zero changes that I can tell between motors so what is going on here? I ended up just copying much of the 2020 map to my 2017 Stage 1 map, hope that works. Sure wish you could just save the stock map and tweak that to get what you need but H-D seams to only want to support what they sell--BS!
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