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All I see are maps for the Delphi w/race tuner. I'll give this a try before I pull off my EFI and put a Mikuni on my bike. I put race tuner in when I replaced my ecu & throttle body. I've had a lot of problems this year with my efi and I'm pretty sick of the whole thing.
I'll try a little longer but I don't really trust my efi any more.
My bike is;
9;1 CR
S&S 512 Gear drive cams
Sampson ovals
can someone change my attitude???? I just did a 2500 mile ride and it ran [email protected]#$% most of the time. It pulls great but sputters and pops trying to cruise. An HD dealer along way the ran a diagnostics check and showed no error codes. I didn't have my dongle so he couldn't help me out with this.
I didn't know you're supposed to carry that around with you.
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