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map help

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happy new year! i'm new and i'm looking for some help. i need a map for an 04 fatboy fi

se air filter
se 2-1 tunable exhaust
37g cams

everything else stock. any help here would be appreciated. thanks in advance
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1st question is how many disc'c are you running on your exhaust? with that combo you should start with 17-18 disc's. run it, check your plugs. no matter what sert map you start with you will need to modify it.
Hi heliopilot, right now i'm running 11 discs and an open end cap. out of all the different combos i've tried this one seems to be the best
let me add, the cams aren't in yet. the map will be for after they are installed
put the closed cap on .. and run 13-14 discs. the powerband will move down about 300-400 rpms At the moment your getting noise and power higher up
You might have more luck posting here
thanks for the the link. i'll do that
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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