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I have just completed an engine upgrade, unfortunately it is not running too well using a Thundermax with Auto Tune. I have been informed that it could be due to injector size on the S&S 52 mm T/Body Kit which may be different to stock injector size.

Does anyone know of the injector size of the S&S 52mm T/Body Kit?? Cant find specs on this on the web and haven't had feedback from S&S.

Specs are:

08 Twin Cam Dyna
S&S 106 kit with Flat top Pistons
10:1 Compression
S&S 585 Gear Drive Cams
HD TC Ported Heads
Intake - 1.880
Exhaust - 1.600
Intake - 148 CFM @ 600 Lift
Exhaust - 120 CFM @ 600 lift
S&S 52mm Throttlebody and Fuel Rail Kit - 2006 - up
S&S Manifold
S&S Single Bore Tuned Induction Intake
Exhaust - Samson Legend Series Pomanas
Thundermax with Auto tune

Since the upgrade my bike is now running very rough, coughs and misses. Have installed the recommended map (from Zippers Software, waiting on feedback from Zippers support who are usually pretty good) and let settle over several runs and was hoping the auto tune would sort the problem. (No such luck!!)

Is there a map out there to suit this setup or any recommendations?

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