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Hi folks,

been lookin round for a decent manual since I decided to start doing most maintenance myself.

Folks at nearby dealership (Belgium) want 80Euro's for a company servicemanual, thats about 110Bucks!!!

Been looking to download one from the web (torrentfiles) but no luck there.

Could get my hands on a Clymer manual for 40Euro (+/- 55Dollars) on the Bay.

Is there an important difference between company and Clymer manuals?
Which one would you go for?

All advise is appreciated.

Grtz from snowy Belgium:coffee:
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Well if I could get my hands on a servicemanual with some decent howto's, pics or graphics, torcspecs and maybe some partnumbers, I would be happy :)
Not aiming to do heavy engine work, just small jobs such as brakes, oil, electrics, tires belt etc etc.

Seems the Clymer manual I talked about is for Evo's from 84 thru 99 whereas the HD manual is for my specific year.

Thx for the tip Bigbadal, I'll look into Ebay USA.
Might have to take shippingfee into consideration tho...
1 - 2 of 4 Posts
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