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Man found dead in fire...with motorcycle

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Man found dead in fire; motorcycle seen as cause
Enid Bureau

STILLWATER -- A Harley Davidson motorcycle parked in a home's kitchen may have cause a fire that killed a man, investigators said Tuesday.
Richard Cooper, spokesman for the state fire marshal's office, said investigators think the fire at a rural home southeast of Stillwater started in the kitchen, with the motorcycle as a possible cause. However, they had not made a final determination Tuesday, he said.

Payne County Sheriff Carl Hiner said the fire started early Monday morning, and investigators found the body at noon. Cooper said the body was face up near the front door.

Hiner said investigators think the dead man was the home's occupant but did not release his name because they had not made a positive identification.

The fire nearly consumed the small rental house and its contents, including the motorcycle, Cooper said.

Hiner said the fire doesn't appear suspicious
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Could be worse, it wasn't a Fiero.
Too bad. Obviously the dude cared alot about his bike.

I propose we raise a glass in his honor.
Bottles up..

To our fallen camrade...
He must have riden her a little hard that night. However i'm with straydog, lets have a drink....
here here. i'll get this round
Mama always said,,,"don't use your rocker box's to fry yer eggs!

On a less silly note...I am always sad to hear of a riders misfortune!
Ride on in HEAVEN dude!!!
Toast! Dude, When I Have to go, I hope it's with my scoot!
Come on fellas! For all we know the bike was in the kitchen cause the dude stole it from a good man.

I think I will wait to tip one in his direction until I get some more facts.

Course that won't stop me from tippin one for GP, Hell it is Thursday afterall!
If I were to keep mine in the house, I would put it in the den, sit on it and watch the Travel Channel.
JimmyK, your response reminds me of a joke that I heard years ago . . .

This old wino was on his death bed and was telling his wino friend that he had one last request. With tears in his eyes, his wino friend said, "Sure buddy. What can I do for you?".

The dying wino asked, "If it's not too much trouble, will you pour a bottle of wine over my grave after I'm gone?".

His friend thought about it for a second and said, "Sure, but you won't mind if passes through my bladder first, will you?" :D
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