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I appreciate any and all advice any members of this group might be able
to pass on.

I have a 1996 Tourglide, 82,000 miles, I have owned since it had 30,000
miles and I do not know it's repair history previous to my purchasing
it. The main drivebelt I believe is original so I have decided to
replace it. I have removed the outer and inner primary cases, clutch,
compensating sprocket, etc.. I have the factory manual and am following
it as closely as possible. Now I have run into two issues:

#1 Issue: the mainshaft inner race shows slight wear so I wish to
replace it along with the associated bearing and seal. The race should
have been installed with a .100" gap between it and the main drive gear
however for some reason it is pressed tight against the main drive
gear, no gap at all. Any ideas on how to remove this?

#2 Issue: The drive belt sprocket is definately worn and should be
replaced. I have removed the locking plate that retains the 'nut'. I
have tried to remove this nut with an impact wrench but it will not
budge. I understand from the manual that this nut has a left hand
thread and I am turning it clockwise for removal. I am guessing that
the nut was installed using locktite and have been considering heating
the nut to loosen the locktite. I am guessing that this will ruin the
two seals but they should be replaced anyway. Is heating the nut the
way to proceed or is there a better way?

Any help on the two above issues is greatly appreciated.

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On the nut- use a heat gun and heat it up so the red locktite will soften. Direct the heat to the nut as much as you can. On the race, I would try to "slit" it with a cut off wheel-one that is very thin. Slit it as far as you can and it will release some of the hold it has on the shaft. Try to get a lady-foot pry bar behind the race and walk it off enough to use the satndard puller. Be careful not to cut the mainshaft. Easy for me to say-huh? Good luck. Maybe Dremel has a very small cut off wheel that will allow you to get up close to the trans. Friday in Ohio

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The best way to remove the inner race is to use the tool that is designed for the purpose. There are several aftermarket people who make this tool.If you pry against the main drive gear,you stand a good chance of messin' it up. check around to see if any independent shops have the proper tool, see if you can rent it, or take the bike to them and have them remove the inner race. If you try to slit it you might wind up nicking the mainshaft, BE CAREFULL.You can get some clearance between the race and the MDG by removing the trans cover on the right side of the bike, loosening the nut on the mainshaft and tapping the mainshaft towards the left side.Get the tool though!
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