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Lyndall Z-plus pads, Break In??

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Any special break-in procedures for breaking in lyndall Z- plus break pads? just replace all 3 sets of my pads with these. Seems I read here something about it before just making sure, I wanna do it correctly....

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no break in procedure with them, another plus for z pads. i like them very much, better brakes and no dust. here's a link to back this info up, right from their site.


good luck and ride safe.
i just took it easy on them for a couple hundred miles..I have all 3 sets as well and love them with my floating rotors...-2$en#e-
I just installed Z-pads on the front and back of my Night Train and I did the following:

1. First make sure the rotors are clean, no leftover fluid on them from bleeding. Spray them off with some brake clean or wipe them with alcohol.

2. Next, take the bike out on a straight road with no traffic and seat the pads. Do this by doing 10 stops from 20 to 0 mph (don't lock 'em up!) and then 10 stops from 40 to 0 mph.

3. Use only front or rear to make sure each has a chance to seat. You should feel the pads seating in, by the end they'll feel like power brakes!

I found the above informatin at Direct Parts and they state this is what Lyndall recommends for their pads. It seemed to work good on my brakes.

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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