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Anybody know anything about Lyndall Racing Brakes rotor deal? I found
it on their website. Smokin' deal, but want to hear any second
opinions before I buy.

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I have the z pads on my bike and like them very much. I'm not familiar with the rotors so no help there, but I went to drag specialties to see what they go for and here's the info. if you buy from a site that has 20% discount your not getting a deal buying direct from LRB it looks like to me. you add it up and subtract the 20% and see what you think. this info is from drag specialties before any discount. oh I went to LRBs site and the special is $299 for rotor and z pads.


* Made from 420 heat-treated stainless steel, then polished to a 25-micron finish
* Chrome carrier
* Spoke design looks very good with stock H-D cast wheels
* Available in front and rear applications for most 00-05 models
* Include mounting hardware
* Made in the U.S.A.

1203-2164 For 00-05 models (except Springers) $ 298.95
1203-2166 For 00-05 models $ 298.95

LRB z pads
1720-0005 00-05 Big Twin (except FLSTS/FXSTS), 00-03 XL $ 42.95

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Letter from LRB

Thanks for the info guys. I shot out an email to LRB directly and here is what they said. Got it straight from the horses mouth. They sound like some pretty cool cats there.


Thank you for your interest in our products. In response to your questions
about our rotors, I would like to give you some history:

An overseas manufacturer approached our company impressing upon us their
ability to produce a quality motorcycle rotor. Recognizing the fact that we
are in a global economy, we tried to import this perceived value and pass it
on to our customers. Much to our dismay, the overseas manufacturer failed
to adhere to the strict quality control guidelines set forth at the onset of
the relationship. This caused a chain reaction of concerns regarding the
mechanical quality of the imported rotor. When the problem presented
itself, we acted by discontinuing sales of the imported rotor while
continuing to stand by each and every purchase in the standard LRB fashion.

We are committed to excellence.
We are committed to the motorcycle community.
We are committed to our patriotism.

With that said, we now have but one place to manufacture our rotors.

All of our rotors are made with great pride right here in the USA!

We have drawn from a wealth of resources within the aerospace industry to
bring to the community the best rotor currently available in the V-Twin
market. All of our manufacturing processes and material certificates of
origin will reflect that we’ve spared no expense to bring to our highly
valued customers a rotor that is premium in quality by aerospace standards.

I’m sure the price information that was posted on the forum reflects the
discontinued import rotor, not the American made rotor which is currently
being offered for purchase on our website.

If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us again.


Paul Kittrell, Jr.
Lyndall Racing Brakes, LLC
(800) 400-9490
(714) 241-9991
FAX (714) 241-9993
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