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Luster Lace metal polish, Protect All products and CAIG Laboratories.

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Now that the Christmas rush has died down I can finely spend some time explaining some of the products that we sell.

Luster Lace products; Polishing strips and pads are great metal polishes for aluminum, stainless steel, magnesium, copper, brass and bronze. The strips work great on round objects like exhaust pipes and the like. The pads work on uneven surfaces.
Luster Lace Chrome polish ; non abrasive polish for chrome and other fine metal surfaces.

Protect All products; I have't found anything that's better and easier to use then the Protect All polish. Wipe on wipe off, for ALL SURFACES. That means painted, plastic, rubber, Lexan windsheilds, leather, etc. Does not leave any residue, no problems with flat black surfaces that even have a rough finish. Leaves a like new finish not a greasy one. A little goes a long way!
Another product that's been getting rave reviews is the Protect All Easy Wash. A non-abrasive, anti static, water repellent wash that replaces soapy detergent and eliminates rinsing when washing vehicals and other surfaces.
I mix up a gallon (1 oz makes 1gallon) put it in a spray bottle and clean my bike with it instead of using a hose and soap. I just spray a section and wipe it down with a clean cloth. Does a much nicer job the soap and water and leaves a real nice finish to boot!
We also carry the Protect All Cable Lube Kit and Chain Lube.

CAIG Laboratories makes the finest electrical cleaner and protectant that money can buy. There simply is nothing like it on the market. Great for ALL electrical connections.

Check the web site out sometime http://nickplenzickenterprises.com

Well I just wanted to touch base with you and explain some of our products. Here's to a healthy, safe, and properous new year to all of year........ and a little good riddin weather won't hurt either!
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