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Luggage Rack With Handrail Photo Wanted

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Does anybody have a photo of this rack on bike (P/N 53941-03)? I have detachable backrest on my 2004 FLSTCI. I have three ideas:

1) Chrome 3-Channel Luggage Rack With Handrail P/N 53941-03
+ good for riding with passenger
? don't know how it looks without backrest or without backrest
and passenger pillon

2) Detachable Solo Rack - Chrome P/N 53649-05
+ love the retro style
+ great for solo riding
- useless for riding in two

3) Two-Up Sport Luggage Rack - Chrome P/N 53713-96
+ good for riding with passenger
+ detachable with backrest

Any ideas welcome.
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1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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