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I have a set of White Bros. lowering springs on my '99 Softail. The choice was either 1" or 2" drop. I originally went with the 1" drop but now I want to go to the 2" drop. What needs to be changed on the lowering springs? I have been told there is a spacer that came with the springs that needs to be cut to a shorter length. Also, is it feasible to use a heavier weight oil in the front struts to add some resistance to compression/rebound without blowing out a seal or something?

On the rear I have the stock shocks with the extended shock mounts to lower the rear. The shocks have really poor damping. Can anyone recommend a stiffer shock to replace the stock items?

Any assistance greatly appreciated. My local dealer is not being much help. They just wring their hands, roll their eyes, and tell me what a terrible person I am.
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