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A couple of coments,
I have a '99 FLHRCI and even though I am 6' it sits too high. The White Bros. bracket is a good fix because of cost and you get to keep the air shocks. It is also easy to install. Lowering the rear just an inch does not effect the ride much. I think it improves the look of the RK because they look sorta sit rear high when stock.
You will hear comments about scraping the floorboards. Rest assured unless you are a very aggressive rider that will not be a problem.
I have to also agree with Straydog. If you are riding with the stock seat get rid of it. Comfort is a big deal and there are lots of aftermarket seats that are more comfortable and will sit you lower than stock. I have a Corbin seat and I get neg. comments about how hard they are. Correct, they are harder but they are fit so well to the human butt that a 400 mile day is not a pain in the #*!!
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