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Focusing on the FXR/FXRS and disregarding the FXRT, FXRD, FXRC, FXRP and the miscellaneous "custom" variants:

1982 - FXRS Super Glide II
1983 - FXRS Super Glide II, and FXR Super Glide II (there was also a Super Glide with the old, non-FXR frame that year because why not)
1984 - FXRS Low Glide (beginning of the Evo and the round air cleaner)
1985 - FXRS Low Glide
1986 - FXR Super Glide, FXRS Low Rider
1987 - FXRS Low Rider, FXLR Low Rider Custom, FXRS-SP Low Rider Sport

After that I believe Harley pretty much stuck to Super Glide II and variants of the Low Rider name throughout the rest of the production run.
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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