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Low Glide on AC

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Anyone know what years the FXR or FXRS had "LOW GLIDE" on the AC cover? Still looking for one, like to know what years to look for.
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The Low Glide was definitely made '85, I know in '84 there was the Disc Glide, but not sure of the Low Glide. I believe in '86 they started using the Low Rider name again.
I saw one on CL the other day.
Where? Good question... I'll look for it.

EDIT: Nope, it's a Low Rider
I know my 1985 is supposed to be "LOW GLIDE" but wonder what other years had it.

I have "LOW RIDER" on it now, but I know it is not actually correct, still looking for the correct one.
It looks like the Low Glide was offered in '84 and the Low Glide Custom in '86.

Here's a good history, reply #14 has this info.

Focusing on the FXR/FXRS and disregarding the FXRT, FXRD, FXRC, FXRP and the miscellaneous "custom" variants:

1982 - FXRS Super Glide II
1983 - FXRS Super Glide II, and FXR Super Glide II (there was also a Super Glide with the old, non-FXR frame that year because why not)
1984 - FXRS Low Glide (beginning of the Evo and the round air cleaner)
1985 - FXRS Low Glide
1986 - FXR Super Glide, FXRS Low Rider
1987 - FXRS Low Rider, FXLR Low Rider Custom, FXRS-SP Low Rider Sport

After that I believe Harley pretty much stuck to Super Glide II and variants of the Low Rider name throughout the rest of the production run.
Ok, thanks, looks like "LOW GLIDE" was only 2 years, no wonder it's so hard to find the AC cover insert.
Thanks guys
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