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Look'n for Aprils Contenders

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I need 4 Contenders for April.

Ride of the Month rules:

Here's your chance to be featured at V-Twin Forum! To enter your ride, all you need to do is provide the info below along with a photo(s). And don't forget the story behind the bike because that can often turn the trick!

The winner for each round will be chosen by our members votes!

Eng size:
Transmission(5sp, 6sp etc):
And the story:

As long as you haven't won in the past year you can enter again.
To be eligible for the contest, I need this format plus your story. I also need a full bike shot with nothing in it's way or chopped from the picture. :)

Please post away!

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LOL!! Just wait till we have to post the bathing suit poses!
You first.....:eek:
Nice, whats the paint code? Again nice ride.

Dunno...Im not a painter. I just told the guy that did the job
what I was looking for and he assured me he had the perfect
paint in mind.

He did his job.
hold on fellas, let me get a May thread going so you all can post your rides. This one's for this month and those fellas are already in the running....

Sorry bout that :D...
21 - 24 of 24 Posts
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