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Looking for ID on exhaust in movie-T2

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Im wondering if anybody knows what kind of exhaust the Harley in Terminator 2 had. I see its a staggered exhaust but I love the sound. Or if anybody knows of something that sounds similar to that. Thanks for the info
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I wouldn't trust movie sound track to give an accurate representation of what those pipes actually sounded like in real life. Film sound engineers have just as many tricks to change a movie's sound track as the effects guys have of changing the picture... Ever notice that in all the old TV shows that the bad guys could squeal their tires on dirt?
LOL...good point. I think the Duke boys could do it too. I dont know though. The scenes where he would pull up and idle..thats what I would like..nice rumble to it. Im looking to upgrade my exhaust and have something like that in mind.
I rented this movie this weekend but fell asleep before I could watch it. I hope to watch it tonight before I have to pay a late fee!
By the way...on Sunday night on the HBO show "Six Feet Under", they had a biker funeral at the home. The bikers gave Nate a beautiful Indian Scout as a present. When he fired it up and took off, it sounded like a '73 Honda 350! Why would they replace the great sound of a bike with something else?
maybe the scout had factory exhaust on it. So it probably sounded like mine...kinda weak.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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