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Looking for front wheel bracket/clamp

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I am looking for a device that the front wheel fits in that you can clamp it in for my pickup or a trailer. I have a road glide which is a pain in the ass to tie down due to the fairing. The only time I trailer is Daytona when it is snowing around here. I have seen one at a dealership but I was looking to see if there is more than one alternative. Anyone know what I am talking about ???

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How about This?
variation on that theme
I actually bought one of these for my truck, but haven't used it yet.
Thanks, thats a few I haven't seen. I still would like to see any other variations anyone else might have before I decide.

Here's yet another similar product. I saw these at the Atlanta HOG rally. Pretty nice but my RC doesn't have fairings in the way so I don't need them.
Thanks Thomas, expensive compared to the others for what you get.

Thanks again, anymore ???
Here's another: Here

Hey look, My first post! :cool:
Welcome to the forum and thanks !!
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