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Looking for best price on Rinehart True Duals

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Suggestions appreciated! Thanks.
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Eastern Performance in Maryland. On both web and power seller on Ebay. They are near my house and I buy through EBay and ride over top pick up. Sometimes they ship for free over $$$.

They were almost 200 cheaper than dealer wanted.
Try Ebay

Theres a set on Ebay right now. Bidding up to around $435. Eastern on Ebay like has already been said is the cheapest I have found. TH:xhere:
try direct parts
I just sold my Rineharts on Ebay. My advice.... buy something else. The quality is sub par and they only make more power up top where nobody on a bagger needs it. Don't get me wrong they sound awesome but the trade off isn't worth it. Not to many people realize that the factory head pipes will support 100+ HP.
Thanks all. Eastern Performance, $619 inlcluding shipping.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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