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Looking for a shop in the Fresno area

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to do a 5000 mile check up on my dyna. Anyone have any experience with either of the Fresno dealers or the Visalia dealer?

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I took mine to Mathews and they seemed to have done a good job. You'll find there are 2 basic "camps" in Fresno, one for Fresno H-D (near Shaw and Hwy 99) and Mathews (down town). Mathews seems to be a little less expensive and is more of the family owned/family oriented shop and Fresno H-D is more of a "progressive" shop, more accessories on the walls, more clothing on the hangers and a bigger showroom.

I've been to Visalia H-D a couple times, but that was just to go in a get t-shirts on the way to (or from) Fresno. They do seem to be a good shop too, but I've never had to have any service type work done there.
I bought my FLSTC in Lancaster but lived near Hanford. I needed a local dealer for service work. Since I price-shopped Matthews , I did my warrantee work there. Mrs. Matthews at first seemed pissed that I bought in Lancaster, but she cooled off when I explained that she didn't have any 1996 FLSTC's and Lancaster had one.... a black one! At my first service, they pulled off my Lancaster HD sticker on the dipstick and replaced it with a Matthews HD sticker. No problemo on my part.

I like the Matthews.... family biz since what? 1948? Their prices are cheap, they appear to be honest as the day is long, and they are friendly.

Hell, in 1998 I won a trophy from them for the winter run..... I'm looking at it this very minute. Been to many a run sponsored by them....keep in mind that they front the money for the chili dogs, beer, soda and dasani ice water. They're decent people.

Support them....I have and would if I still lived down there.
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here is my Fresno parts and service run

first stop...Ride Motors...a nice little shop close to home with experience and a good used parts selection...found an FXR tach kit for cheap

then off to Matthews...my favorite of the local dealers...it is where my bike was originally bought from...Bob is very nice...helped me find the parts to mount up that tach to my fatboy which they had in stock btw...I get all my routine maintence stuff and run info here

then it's up the ramp and freeway over to Fresno Harley
this is where I get those fiddly bits like carb jets and needles
sometimes they have a band and swapmeet going

it's a nice maybe 30 mile loop I take on oil change day
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I've never bought anything at Ride Motors. I have stopped in there a few times to check out what used stuff they have. But I do buy alot of my shirts across the parking lot at Renegade.
Fresno area shopping

Martin64 said:
I've never bought anything at Ride Motors. I have stopped in there a few times to check out what used stuff they have. But I do buy alot of my shirts across the parking lot at Renegade.
Renegade is fun...every now and then the shops get together on a saturday morning and have party in the parking lot...hotties from renegade serving up free hotdogs...there's a band playing with lots of bikes and leather for sale

other points of interest...Sly Dog Leathers in Clovis...Freedom Riders (open sundays is kinda handy)...and Sanger Custom Cycles (also open on sundays and a nice little ride in the country to get to)
I like the people at Mathews, at least in the parts and accessories. I dealt with the service department once and never will again. Very poor service and very rude people. Big turnover in service techs also. The other dealer on Shaw Avenue is a dealer that will try to push you into more work and sales. And they're real happy to bad mouth other dealers to try and make themselves look good or sell you more. I prefer to ride a little further to Mitchells in Modesto. They've always treated me like they're happy to see me, done good work at a fair price. I know many of Mathews' HOG group and they will not let their service department touch their ride. One of them uses Clovis Customs for his work.
Yeah, I was doing a little surfing and found the Mathews website at http://www.mathewshd.com/.

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