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Hello all,
I am an old timer (not to old). been wrenching and riding from the age of 11. Grandfather gave me my first bike, a Hodaka ace 90. Told me if I could get it running, I could have it.
Brought it home, took it completely apart and back together in two days. Kicked it and it started after 4 or 5 kicks, been hooked ever sense. I have some health issues that forced me to sell my 06 Road King a few years ago, but I have now adopted the mindset that because I am not going to ever get better, I might as well go out swinging. So I am looking to buy my next bike and I did my "Do Over" bike.
I just picked up about a month ago, what I call my do over bike. I shall explain.
In 1996 I moved to SC because I wanted to ride all year round and NY just got me down, was sick of winter!
I saved for four years to replace my 89 1200 custom sporty.
In 2000 my brother told me a friend of his on the force had a 1997 Heritage Softail he wanted to sell. So I borrowed a van drove 13 hrs straight and picked up the bike.
I came back and dropped it off at the shop I worked at and went home to get some sleep.
That afternoon I went to work and my cousin said he and a couple friends were going riding and said I should join them. I got a dealer plate and went with them just around town for a few hours.
On the way home about 5 miles from my house a 17 year old girl fell asleep at the wheel drifted into oncoming traffic and hit the car in front of us.
Two of our group of four went to the left and safely rode the ditch, my cousin and I went to the right. He hit the back of the car that the girl hit.
I tried to go in between the two cars, some one opened the passenger door and I hit that. Went over the bars, through the passenger window and wound up about 15 feet from the bike.
So my dream Evo was totaled. I have been searching for a similar one ever sense.
Now I have owned many between then and now, but I just loved that bike!
I finally found it! Looks exactly like the one I had, even has the same mileage as the one I bought back then. I know it has sat somewhere for a while, judging from the cobwebs I found behind the saddle bags.
So I have painstakingly been going through it and flushing brake lines, changing fluids and so on. It's a 99, but oh so close to my former and I couldn't pass it up! It rides and runs like new!


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