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Just logged in to the VTF. Got a 2006 SE Ultra in October. Been riding for 35+ years.... different brands of scoots. I'd like to hear from others who have the 06 SE Ultra and their experiences with it. Of course I want to hear from all others as well. Why didn't I just say I want to hear from everyone?? I think I just need to go for a ride...... :chopper:

DHARMA Initiative
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:welcome: to the forum. I hear ya on the ride. Post up often and enjoy.

I think I just need to go for a ride...... :chopper:
Shh. We're supposed to keep it a secret that the weather here in January is nice enough to ride.

Everyone else, just go about your business. Nothing to see here. As everyone knows, the snow is axle-deep to a ferris wheel in Colorado

Welcome to the board. What part of Colorado are you in?

fourty three and seven...
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Welcome to the forum of scoots, beauts, yoots and coots.

Nice bike you have.

Post up and read some of the fine posts by the famous poster children of VTF.

Ridin' & Glidin'
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Fourcats said:
,,,and the cagers, that take out bikes FOUR AT A TIME.
I was listening up here to KOA radio in Denver the other night and heard the traffic report. Never heard the rest of the story.

3 motorcyclists hit by car still in hospital; 1 critical
By Rocky Mountain News
January 12, 2006

Three motorcyclists remained hospitalized Wednesday after being hit by a car on Speer Boulevard on Tuesday afternoon.

Michael McGinley Sr. remained in critical condition, while his son, Michael McGinley Jr., was listed in fair condition at Denver Health Medical Center.

A third man, Johnnie Baker, remained in serious condition. A fourth man involved in the accident was not in the hospital.

The McGinleys were riding Harley-Davidsons with a few friends about 3 p.m. Tuesday on southbound Speer Boulevard when a Lexus that was heading westbound on West Eighth Avenue crashed into the four motorcycles at the intersection.

Police say the woman who was driving the Lexus may have run a red light. Her name was not released Wednesday.

Copyright 2006, Rocky Mountain News. All Rights Reserved.
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