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lights out on dash

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I have an 03 flstf with 800 miles on it and last night I was riding and the dash lights went out and the speedometer was stuck on 30mph,the engine light came on and then went back off. The bike seemed to run fine until I got to a real slow speed and then it wanted to die, Ipulled off and turned the bike off and let it sit for a minute and then started back up and everything seemed fine. Any ideas what may have caused this?
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Speed Sensor?
While it is the typical symphtom of a speed sensor, the fact the speedo lights went out means somewhere you lost either power or ground to the speedo due to a intermittent connection. The first place to check would be the multipin connector under the console and see if all the pins are seated properly. In addition to this you can check the battery terminals for tightness as well as all battery cables at both ends and the main chassis grounds. Other then this you will need a wiring diagram to find the different connectors involved in the circuit on the particular bike.
There is also a real easy way to retrieve speedo codes. Turn the ignition on while holding the reset button in. Then you can toggle thru a number of codes and see which ones are set. This might give you a lead on where to look.
Hippo, thanks for the reply, just got to thinking this afternoon after you mentioned the ground, the night before this happened I had installed the transmission interface and top cover along with a oil filter cover,so I went back and checked the battery cables and they were tight but I had not torqued the ground on the voltage regulator and thought this may have caused my problem. Retorqued everything and rode about 200 miles today with no problems. The codes you mentioned,are they listed in the service manual which I dont have yet but will be getting?I have always been one to just jump into something and have it apart before I really now what Im doing,but hey thats half the fun is trying to figure out where that extra bolt goes isnt it!
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