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Thealien said:

How did those get in there ?? :eek: I still think in most cases you can get as good or better quality without paying for the HD logo. If thats what you want or like by all means its your choice not mine. I just have to put my .02 in.
Here here... I am with Mark on this one.... Harley leather is nice stuff, but it ain't all that... But I guarantee my leathers are better quality, heavier, thicker and for less than 1/2 the cost of putting the Bar and Shield on it... plus, I get repairs for popped threads, snaps and whatever else that has happenned to them for free up to 50% of what a non-customer gets it done for.. That is the benefit of buying your leathers from a place like M&M Leathers... When is the last time that you had your leathers repaired, or modified at the Stealership??? It ain't gonna happen but in those VERY RARE instances.... They just want to sell the name... Do the research.. There are some places that have much better leather for a lot less....
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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