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Leathers & Chaps

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Does anyone have any suggestions on Leather Chaps and Jackets. My old chaps and jackets are too small!! When I was like a size 5. I have went the swap meet here in California and they have these chaps for like $69.00 that they put on you and trim off the excess at the bottom. I don't know about those. They kind of look cheap not the quality I'm used to. Any advise?

Cheri aka Medicine Woman:)
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Thealien, my harley chaps were made in the good old USA!:p
The problem with ladies jackets that I have looked at is they are mostly for looks and won't necessarily protect you that much if you crash. Of course, medicinewoman is in CA and probably doesn't need one as warm as I do. The one I just bought has a full liner....most don't. It has zippered vents, a spine protector, extra elbow and shoulder padding and long sleeves. Definately made for riding and not just show. Plus it comes with a five year warranty. It's not a harley jacket though...it's a FirstGear.
1 - 3 of 23 Posts
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