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Leathers & Chaps

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Does anyone have any suggestions on Leather Chaps and Jackets. My old chaps and jackets are too small!! When I was like a size 5. I have went the swap meet here in California and they have these chaps for like $69.00 that they put on you and trim off the excess at the bottom. I don't know about those. They kind of look cheap not the quality I'm used to. Any advise?

Cheri aka Medicine Woman:)
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DevilHog said:
Try these guys out... http://www.mmleatheronline.com I have been dealing with these people since the late 70's... My dad still trusts them, and the Leathers are thick, heavy and durable....
I live about 6 miles from M&M Leather in Greensburg, PA.......excellent quality leather at REAL nice prices. Decked out both my wife and myself when i picked up my Wide Glide last year (jackets, chaps, gloves, bandanas, etc.).

ginger said:
personal opinion.........men in leather chaps and a thong underneath:D
I'm supposed to be wearing thongs!? :eek: :confused: :D
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