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Leather Care....

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I looked all thru this forum..and didn't see anything that would help me... was wondering what should I use on my saddle bags ...to clean them..and keep them looking like New?? thanks...
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Harley Girl,
I don't know if you have made a selection yet..........

I use Kiwi mink oil in a can from the grocery store on all my external leather (boots, Jacket,pants and chaps). I detail vehicles as a side business and my customers are happy with the mink oil on the leather saddle bags. For interior leather such as car seats, I use Lexol products. Mink oil or snow seal work great to keep the leather soft and waterproof.

.02 from Fasltane
Yep! You can buy mink oil from the grocery store or squeeze yer own!
1 - 2 of 23 Posts
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