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Learning 2 Ride

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Any advise for a novice. I have a 883 sportster. :)
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Re: For the absolute novice...

VRodDrew said:
7) One way to distinguish yourself from 90% of the rookie riders out there is to be able to stop the bike and only put one foot down (may I suggest the left one..). This means that as the bike comes to a stop it needs to lean just slightly in that direction as your take your foot off the peg and put it on the ground. Stay in the parking lot until you are confident you've mastered this skill. Getting the bike rolling again is much easier and safer if you've only got one foot on the ground. Also, don't forget that some roadways are sloped in such a way that you have to turn the bike slightly "uphill" in order to achieve the left lean.
Is this what they teach you in that class? Not trying to be a smart-ass but I don't think it is true that getting the bike rolling again is much easier and safer if you've only got one foot on the ground. I can do it and I don't think it is difficult. Seriously I'm not being sarcastic either but I don't see why puting both feet down is unsafe or how it could be any harder to take off.

I think it shows some skill balancing the bike and could be a good confidence booster but that is all. When I come to a stop I usually like to stretch my legs or stand up for a brief second just to give my legs a break from staying on the pegs plus I can stretch my back, so 90 percent of the time both feet go on the ground.
Ok I believe you then. It just seems odd. I mean it seems safer to put both feet down at all times when you can. I understand the brake light theory but the front brake control could do that. Like I said I can do it either way and a lot of times if it is a 4 way stop and no traffic I never put any feet down and can still come to a complete stop. It's only a half second stop but it's still legal. The reason I am even concerned with this is because I am getting ready to try and teach my OL and I don't want to give bad advice and I still am going to have trouble telling her she should try to stop and only put one foot down all the time.
1 - 2 of 15 Posts
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