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Learning 2 Ride

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Any advise for a novice. I have a 883 sportster. :)
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medlady, I rode years ago and came back to it this year. I also took the MSF course this May and certainly learned alot. VRodDrew just went over pretty much the course and it also served to remind me of some of the info I learned there. BTW, Myself and another "returnee" were both called with an earlier date due to a cancellation. Both were called the day before so we had to scramble to rearrange our schedules. Good luck.
Funny, yesterday I really became aware of that left foot down at a stop. Never paid much attention to it until then! Without reading them all again, I would like to make a suggestion also and hope it was'nt mentioned before. When waiting at a traffic light, always keep either your foot on the brake pedal or your hand on the brake grip. This will keep your brake light on and increase oncoming traffic biker awareness.:D
1 - 2 of 15 Posts
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