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Hog (Hogrider, is what a few of us know him by) is a member of HDF here ..just doesn't post that much.. Here is the letter that was written on behalf of Hogriders Mom.. I just talked to him and he said to go ahead and post it..

Date: Sunday, January 12, 2003 7:07 PM

Leah's Last Ride

I met Leah on my very first group HOG ride in 1995. We were riding to the Amana Colonies for dinner as a HOG Chapter Dinner Ride. My husband and I had just joined the Chariton Iowa HOG chapter and we were new at all this HOG stuff.

Everyone had made us feel very welcome and we had already ridden to Sturgis with a couple from the Chapter and they made the HOG experience come alive for us. On this particular dinner ride there was a couple we hadn't met before. They were a mother and son. What made them so unusual was that the mother was in her late 70's and was the youngest acting one of us all. Her love of ridding was unmistakable. I thought to myself that this was a lady I wanted to get to know. She was full of the greatest riding stories that I had ever heard.

Leah and her son, Craig, had started ridding together after Leah's husband passed away in 1976. They loved to camp and fish and go to HOG rallies all over the country. They chalked up 1000's of miles on their Harley. Leah had been recognized at a Wyoming HOG Rally as the oldest HOG in attendance. That really thrilled her but she was a little uncomfortable with all the attention.

Over the past 8 years we have shared many memorable HOG rides and events with Craig and Leah. HOG has made it possible for us to make many wonderful new friends. In 2002 Craig and Leah finally got a small camper to pull behind their Harley. Leah now 87 decided it was getting to be a little hard for her to camp in a tent anymore. Their inaugural ride with the new camper was to Sturgis in 2002. Although we were there too we never met up with them that year. On our return home we got a call that Leah had a stroke the day they were to come home from Sturgis. The next few weeks were phone calls, prayers, emails and lots of tears because Leah didn't make it. She rode her last ride in this life to one of the places she loved most, Sturgis.

My most memorable HOG ride was the one I took on September 25, 2002 to take Leah to her final resting-place. As we and her other HOG friends escorted her to her final resting-place I knew without a doubt that I had known someone very special and was privileged to ride with her and enjoy her company on many rides. I hope I live as long and as happy a life as she did and as much of it as possible on the back seat of a Harley with someone who loves riding as much as she and her son Craig did.

As it was written on Leah's funeral bulletin, "Ride straight and tall, the freedom of the wind is within us all". Our HOG chapter won't be the same without Leah but it was made better by her having been a part of it.

"Miss Ya Leah."

Submitted by: Maria Allen #US 0870287 Chariton HOG Chapter #1440

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Beautiful letter! Insprirational! Thank you for sharing. My condolences to all who knew her.

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