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Laconia Widow

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Well, "our" long planned trip to Laconia turned into a "guy's only" ride at the last minute......(I was already packed to go....even packed the beer!)so, I'm here in upstate NY, alone, drowning in all the rain!

I have to admit I am new to the world of "biker's", rally's etc....but is this something I need to get use to, or is my guy just being a "man"....doesnt want to look "whipped" in front of his buddies?

Just looking for other opinions here........guys, your opinions are welcome too! :confused:
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That's a big load of BS, if you ask me. If you and your OM planned the trip together then you should have went together! So long as you don't mind being the only girl in the group. I've gotten accustomed to it, so I don't mind, in this area there aren't many women riders, only me and my sister-in-law. So if she can't make a ride I'm usually the the only girl, I don't care as long as I'm riding:D
Hey HD Girl......That was my thought too.....I work with mostly men, so being the only female on a ride is not an issue for me (it's happened before)...however, the guy who booked the room (the only single guy in the group by the way) and made all the plans booked one room, that would sleep all 6 of the guys going...my OM didn't think it would be a good place for me to be. We have only been seeing each other for about 5 months, but in that time we have traveled to Daytona for bike week alone, and also went on alot of rides locally now that the weather has gotten a bit better up here. He thanked me for being such a "good sport" about the change in plans before he left...but I gotta tell ya....my blood has been boiling all weekend. I have no problem whatsoever with a "guys only" event....if it was planned that way...but to be ditched at the last minute really suckes!!

As one of my friends said....."He is a man after all....don't expect a miracle"! :D
BMA, Your blood may be boiling but you are a lot dryer than they are. I went up Friday, it's 135 miles and got wet 15 miles from home on the return trip. It's been raining ever since. Count your blessings.
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