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My 19 days on the road

July 19th
Friday, Fifth Gear and I left Alvin, Texas at 0630. We pulled into El Paso, Texas at about 1930 that same afternoon. We left El Paso at 0630 the following morning and pulled into Deb’s driveway in Poway, CA at 1800 Saturday afternoon.

July 21st
Sunday we went down to the San Diego Harley Davidson to meet up with some folks (Jim & Leece) from the Harley Davidson Forum. We greeted and had some coffee, took some pictures and waited for some other folks that Jim invited for the ride to Toms Farm in Corona. Everyone showed up and we went to get some lunch before we started. Tom’s Farm was real cool!!. We had a couple, smoked a cigar, and then Fifth, Deb and I headed back to Poway.

July 22nd
Monday, Deb and I headed up the coast. Jim told us to go up Interstate 5 past LA, then jump over to “101”. We spent the first night in San Luis Obispo.

July 23rd
Headed up the coast again and spent Tuesday night in Santa Rosa. We had lunch scheduled in Carmel with Clint, but he was a no show.

July 24th
Had breakfast and took off again. Stopped off at the Redwood Harley Davidson for a T-shirt in Eureka and spent the night in Crescent City.

July 25th
Back at it again. Stopped at Highway 101 Harley Davidson in Coos Bay for a T-shirt and talked about hitting the Freeway to try and make up some time. As beautiful as the Pacific Coast Highway is, it is really slow going. Every 2,5, or 10 miles, you want to pull over and take pictures. We went up “1” to 38, then over to Interstate 5 and on into Portland to spend the night.
July 26th
Really looking forward to taking pictures of Mount Rainier. Well, guess what?? The f*#@!%$g fog was so bad it felt like it was raining at times. We hit 12 West to Yakima and stopped in Owens Harley Davidson for another T-shirt and directions on how to get to 90 East. Well, two people said to go to Interstate 82 East and that would hit Interstate 90, then East to Spokane. Well, guess what?? Interstate 82 East goes to Kennewick, so we hit 395 to Interstate 90, then to Spokane to spend the night.

July 27th
The northern part of Idaho has “2” passes on Interstate90 and they are equally beautiful. Just before Butte, went across the Continental Divide for my second time on this trip. The Rockies are unbelievable. Went on to Belgrade and stopped at Yellowstone Harley Davidson for another T-shirt and then down to Livingston to spend the night.

After breakfast we headed down 89 South to Gardiner then in the North gate of Yellowstone Park. 2.5 million Acers, well, what can you say? Through the North part of the park to Silver Gate and Cooke City to 212 across the Bear Tooth Pass almost 11,000 ft and I couldn’t count all the 180 degree turns, then down to Red Lodge. By the way it snowed in Bear Tooth Pass Saturday night. On our way down we stopped at a look out and folks asked us if we really needed our Leathers, I slipped off one of my gloves and shook hands with them. They broke out their warm clothes. Stopped at the Red Lodge Harley Davidson for some T-shirts then on to Billings for the night.

Took Interstate 94 to see Pompeys Pillar (Lewis and Clark). W. Clark signed his name in sandstone In 1806, well it is still there. Then back to Billings to hit Interstate 90 East to Little Bighorn Battlefield, where Custer got his a#@ kicked. It is really a wonder it didn’t happen a lot more often. I am really glad no one lived here where the United States is. Our forefathers found this land for us to call home.. Then off to South Dakota. Went down through Gillette and stopped at the Deluxe Harley Davidson for yet another T-shirt. Then on to Spearfish to spend the night.

July 30th
On into Sturgis. Vendors are already setting up and ready to start selling their stuff. Went to the Harley Davidson shop to get a tire for the back. Well they are a satellite store for Rapid City and they can’t help me. I met this guy from Canada and he said there was a place doing oil changes and they had a tire sign. Went down there and they put a tire on for me. Went over to Rushmore and Crazy Horse then 16 West to New Castle, then 85 South to Lusk then 18/20 to Interstate 25 South to Wheatland to spend the night. Wyoming is beautiful, God, the wind blows about 50-80 miles an hour. They say sometimes they close the Interstate because the wind would blow over 18 wheelers.

July 31st
On South to Denver. Stopped at Freedom Harley Davidson for a T-shirt then back West to Grand Junction for the night.

August 1st
Interstate 70 out of Colorado into Utah where we hit Interstate 15 South to Nevada. Las Vegas was a loooong time coming. It is so hot you can hardly breathe. Deb was just about out of it. We stopped at a gas station for gas and she went inside for a break but it was almost as hot inside as it was outside. We cooled for a while then went on to the Stardust for the night. Had a really good meal and left them a little money for the Slots.

August 2nd
Thought it would be best to leave Las Vegas early to try to beat the heat. Left at 0530 (85 degrees) and watched the sun come up as we were heading South. We got to Deb’s house at 1100 and did beat the heat.

August 3rd & 4th

Rest time in San Diego. Kicked back looking at pictures of the trip and thinking of all the sites and things from the trip.

August 5th &6th

Returned home from San Diego to Alvin, Texas. Now looking forward to my next trip and hoping it will be as pleasant.


Pictures from the trip below
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