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Kit or OEM Modification?

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I'm planning on a 95" build on my 05 EG. My question is, what is a better practice? Buying a kit with cylinders and pistons or buying pistons and having my cylinders bored out to match. I've heard different opinions on both sides of the fence but I'd like to know what are the advantages/disadvantages....thx guys.
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Better to have the pistons on hand and measured so the fit is right. even if you buy a kit have them measured, production tolerances vary. Mike

We would prefer to bore/hone your existing seasoned cylinders, and re-work your cylinder head castings, along with the proper cam that that would compliment your intended riding.
BTW, you can bring your 88" to 98" via J&E pistons.
Kits from oem parts

I have the stage 2-1/2, 4, and 5 in stock for the people that don't want any down time, these are the R&R cnc ported stuff with JE piston kits. I charge a core charge and refund on return or if you wish to have your old parts back can turn around in 2 weeks. The power and reliability is amazing with this stuff.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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