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Kick Start Conversion

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I'm adding a kick starter to a '72 XLH. I'm using a kit from V-Twin Mfg. The kit provided a clutch sprocket spacer that's shorter than the spacer that's already installed. I'm using the ratchet gear that came with the kit. How do you know which spacer to use?
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Take this with a grain of salt as I haven't worked on any of the iron sportster for almost 20 years. However I believe you will need to use the short spacer. The ratchet teeth on the back side of the clutch hub mate to the teeth that's attatched to the kick arm, and if you have too much spacing it will slip right by and you will hyperstend your knee and not be a happy camper. This also happens when the teeth get warm, not fun.
72 is the odd year first 1000cc, one year only cylinders.
I still work on these and Kmodels
You will have to fiddle around with it in order for the chain to line up and the kicker to funtion.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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