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Just Ordered 2002 FXDL

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What a great informative site.. I ordered a 2002 Real Red and Diamond Ice FXDL Lowrider last week... Learned alot in just a short while from this site... Thanks bunches... Just can't hardly wait til it get's here... sometime around the end of April... whew long time... thanks again and keep up the good work..Royce:D
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Welcome to the forum DiverDuck1. I know how hard it must be to have to wait until end of April. But it will be here before you know it. I think you're going to love your Lowrider. Keep us posted as to the order status and your ideas or questions/ concerns about your bike. Got any modification ideas yet?
I am planning to get saddle bags and a sissy bar.. so I can use it to carry stuff for work.. also getting rid of the stock exhaust... I am not sure yet on what type...( 2into1's or slip on's ) I like the look of the Vance and Hines Big Shots but I am not sure on how loud they are... I don't want anything as loud as drag pipes or open headers... So I am interested on how much the baffles quieten them down... Thanks any help appreciated....
Congratulations on your new Lowrider,you will love it. I have a sissy bar and pad for your bike that I will sell for $75.00. It came off my 01 Superglide.
Happy Riding!!:D
Badlander Seat

I also like the looks of the badlander seat for the dyna... but I was wondering about the comfort of it.... any commments from anybody?:confused: Thanks again....
d-d-1....The badlander is not comfortable at all. I had one on my softail and put about 15000 miles on it. I was glad to get rid of it. Try a Corbin out. Or even a LePera. HD base plates are just plastic,and the foam is cheap stuff. Just my thoughts on the matter...Ralph
Big ol' ditto on the "Badlander" idea! My other bike is an 01 Sportster and that seat looks really cool on it. Unfortunately my wife says it's like riding with a 2x4 up her a_ _! I'm not sure if there is a low profile 2-up seat that is really comfortable for the passenger, if there is I would think about putting one on the new bike. Good luck.
I hate to hear that it is that the badlander is that uncomfortable.. I really like the looks of it.... OH well I didn't expect that it could be very comfy anyway.... Thanks:p

Same here on the seat...I was going to change the seat first thing...You may want to use the stock seat for a bit...I was surprised how comfy it was...Well comfy enough not to spend 300-400 bucks right away anyhow...You may want to look @ a few first...
P.S.....Bags....Depending how much you need to carry you may want to consider the detachable sissy bar and the luggage rack which can be taken off in a second,,,
I am gonna just go with the permanent sissy bar and side plates.. I just kinda think that it brings the back of the bike level with the front.. Gonna pass on the saddle bags now...as far as seats... I plan doing like you said and put a few miles on it before I change it...
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