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Just completed installation of a set of Rush slip-ons (2 1/2" baffles), a power commander and the SE stage 1 air cleaner. Standard ECM. 2006 Road King Classic.

OK, my first fuel injected bike...... so this is new territory. The installation couldn't be easier. The Power commander came pre-loaded with the map for this exact setup.

Went on a 20 mile ride in 50 degree weather. Throttle response is very improved. Odd though, after about a one minute engine run, a slight blip of the throttle produces a nice blue flame out the back. Doesn't do this after it's warmed up. It's pitch black outside, so it looks cool.:thumbsup:

Tried deceleration in third, fourth and fifth gears. On straights and some minor downhills. No "popping", although when I get back on the throttle (sometimes) I get a light "pop".

Not as loud as the Vance & Hines on the Dyna - a little more mellow and a slight rumble. All in all, they sound very good.

Will check the plugs in about a hundred miles but it appears to run just fine.

Any of you have any words of wisdom?

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