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Just got an 87 FXSTC, needs attention

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Well after having considered going the frame up route to build my fatboy style bike I decided to take an approach I'm more familiar with. I bought an older one that isn't loved anymore and will make it what I want.
I found an 87 FXSTC (Softail custom) with only 20k on the clock. The guy was in bad health so it hasn't been started or ridden in about 3 years. The tires are flat and rotted so they will have to go. What steps should I take before trying to fire this baby up. He was the orginal owner and it looks well cared for except now it's been on a carport for atleast 3 years and basically has some film of rust on just about everything. (Cleaning will start immediately for that, but I want to make sure the mechanical side is up to the task before I head down the street. All suggestions appreciated.

Also, Since I'm wanting to make it into a fatboy, has anyone here done this? Anything I should avoid?

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