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Just acquired my first bike

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Hello! My father recently passed away and I have acquired his '77 Superglide. Unfortunately his health started to go down several years ago and the bike has been sitting in a barn since. She's a little dirty, there's some rust on the chrome, but I plan on getting it back on the road and enjoying it for many years to come.

I'm going to have lots of questions through this process, and this looked liek a good place to start.
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Sorry for your loss. Riding that machine is a nice tribute to your father's memory. Lot's of wisdom here.
Welcome from FL, good luck and ride safe.
Hello and welcome from Maine. Sorry to hear the news about your father but at least when you ride you'll be doing what he loved to do. Hope you feel the same.
Sorry to hear about your father. There's a few folks here that can help you along your way.

I suggest you start a thread of the rebuild and post lots of pics. That way all of us learn.

I'm just here for the beer.
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