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OK posers, lets give a big shout out to ripsass and his 1981 Low Rider, the July 2015 V-Twin Forum Ride Of The Month.



Geeze I'm too lazy to even post something of mine up, looks like I'd have a good chance too... Ok here am I too late?:

My 99% original 1981 FXS Low-Rider.

Year: 1981
Model: FXS Low-Rider
Eng size: 80" Stock
Transmission: 4-Spd cow-pie, stock.
Pipes: Drags in pic, but since switched to Cycle Shack M-Pipes
Seat: Stock
Wheels: Stock 19"/16" Cast 9-Spoke
Accessories: Stock other than S&S Air-Cleaner, pipes, and "Sonny Apes"
And the story:
I bought this bike last year from the ORIGINAL owner, with 7,000 miles on it. It runs/rides (and even still smells) like a brand new bike. I've gotten the mileage up a tick over 8,000 now and every mile was pure bliss.

I say 99% original, as even though the photo shows different air cleaner, exhaust, and bars I DO have the originals with it and can reinstall at will for a show, etc...

Not many of these left out there guys, a real beautiful survivor.

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