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OK posers, lets give a big shout out to ripsass and his 1981 Low Rider, the July 2015 V-Twin Forum Ride Of The Month.



Geeze I'm too lazy to even post something of mine up, looks like I'd have a good chance too... Ok here am I too late?:

My 99% original 1981 FXS Low-Rider.

Year: 1981
Model: FXS Low-Rider
Eng size: 80" Stock
Transmission: 4-Spd cow-pie, stock.
Pipes: Drags in pic, but since switched to Cycle Shack M-Pipes
Seat: Stock
Wheels: Stock 19"/16" Cast 9-Spoke
Accessories: Stock other than S&S Air-Cleaner, pipes, and "Sonny Apes"
And the story:
I bought this bike last year from the ORIGINAL owner, with 7,000 miles on it. It runs/rides (and even still smells) like a brand new bike. I've gotten the mileage up a tick over 8,000 now and every mile was pure bliss.

I say 99% original, as even though the photo shows different air cleaner, exhaust, and bars I DO have the originals with it and can reinstall at will for a show, etc...

Not many of these left out there guys, a real beautiful survivor.


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Nice, but I thought "Ride of the Month" would be something like 11,856 miles in 33 days
We tried that but there aren't enough 33 day months in the year to make it pay.

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