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Just go to a dang meeting and decide for yourself. I do actually have a relative that is the pres. of his chapter and they are actually a pretty organized group that takes a lot of great trips and no other BS. I also know my dealers chapter is a joke. If nothing else you might meet some other guy who is there just out of curiosity and you end up with a new riding buddy and you both never go back. I'd feel silly in some of the patch and pin get-ups some of them wear but that's just me...I tend to pretty much not join anything. My jacket has nothing at all on it, I don't own a vest (or a do-rag, chain-drive wallet or closet full of dealer shirts for that matter), it just isn't my style to feel the need to play dress-up when I ride. That's fine for the people who find dressing like that comes naturally but for me it isn't natural and I'd be a phony if I did. That does seem to be a big part of HOG...but then again it's a big part of HD culture in general.

I rolled into a parking lot with my wife July 4th to take in the local fireworks and a few other Harley riders waved me over to the corner they had staked out, they obviously reccognized the bike as a Harley. When I pulled up and they saw me in my golf shirt and short hair it was like I dropped a turd in their punchbowl. I wasn't unwelcome and we chatted a little but clearly they didn't think I looked "Harley" enough to them. My wife and I laughed all night about it. I only wished we'd had dug out our old full-face helmets before we left the house and really offended them. sorry...that story had nothing to do with HOG did it??
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