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I've Seen the Light

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Well after owning a couple (6) of them foreign bikes the wife and I went out and bought two Harley's. A Softail Heritage Classic for her and a V-rod for me. So far I have enjoyed the change, can't wait until 500 miles to see how they run :D and since we live in the Houston area we've been able to put some miles on them so far. Too bad it doesn't look good for this weekend.
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Welcome aboard! Congratulations on the new bikes. I'm sure you and the wife will enjoy them. Send us some pics when you get a chance.

You have some neighbors that are on this forum. I'm sure Fifthgear and KrazyGG will give you a welcome soon.

Good bunch of people here and good help when you need it!

Welcome aboard and congrats on your Harley purchases:) I second the motion for some pics, I just love to see pics:)
Welcome - I'm new here too. Noticed your user name - Must be vette's in the garage. We were a two vette family until I got the FXDL. I promised I would not increase the toy count so a vette had to go. (Kept my 76 - couldn't part with it - and sold the 98)

Seen the Light


Know you and your wife will love the new bikes.

I work shift work so have lot's of time to ride. Hope to see ya'll around sometime, ride safe and have fun.

Welcome Vette family. I guess we are neighbors.....I live in south Houston near Friendswood. We have had some really nice riding days lately. The weather forecast doesn't look good for the weekend but you know how the weather men around here like to keep you guessing. I'm glad to hear that you and the wife are both riding. I know that when my wife got her bike we enjoyed riding around more with no peticular place to go. If you decide to go to the ROT rally in Austin let me know so we can get together for an "eyeball" meeting. Ride safe.

Depending upon the weather we will get some pics this weekend. Yes we have two vettes in the house a 99 Torch Red Coupe that is now only a show car and a 82 that we're trying to complete the restoration back to stock.

Thanks for all the kudo's, and we already have reservations in Austin for the ROT Rally. Anyone else from the area let's discuss a meeting point.
Welcome aboard,vette family!

Enjoy the forum, great place to pull up a stool & toss down a few,friendly bunch of folks in here.
Welcome, vette family!

You definitely live in the right place, Pasadena! :D Even if ya' are in Pasadena, TX. There are several members living in Texas. Betcha' you guys will be able to hook up at the ROT.

Strange, you're from Pasadena, TX. I've been asked if I'm from there. Haven't even had the opportunity to visit. Look forward to your posts.
Welcome Vette...


I like your taste in toys. You can't get much more American than Harleys and Vettes! Good folks around here.

Enjoy the forum.

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