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Help. I'm adrift in a sea of confusion over this whole wide tire option thing...
So many opinions and advice, I'm overwhelmed and need some real tried and proven "once and for all" advice.

(Bike is an '02 Softail, FXST"C")

Here's what I would like to accomplish...

1) Install a 180-200 tire?
2) Stick with the stock swingarm, (if possible)???
3) Install a new 18 x 5.5" rear wheel, (Weld custom built with the necessary offset, etc.)
4) Install a 9" wide "Bobtail style" fender and new struts to support the new tire width.


1) What will I need to do to make this work, Brake caliper machining, spacers, '06 belt/sprocket???
Don't want to spend a gazillion dollars on somebody's kit, (God knows I'll do that matching my 31/150 Color Shop paint on the fender...)

2) Any reason why my current solo and 2 up seats won't work with the new fender?

3) Who is a good source for a 14-16 gauge 9" Bobtail fender?

4) If changing the swing arm is a better approach, Who, What, Where?

Ultimately, I do not want to alter the dynamics or configuration of the motor/drivetrain if I don't have to. Just trying to achieve what HD has done to the '06's....

This thread will hopefully draw on an experienced knowledge base. I hope to hear from you guys that have already been down this road so I can keep the learning curve as "flat" and inexpensive as possible...

Please send help....Sinking fast.....Thanks Guys.

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