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I've been lurking...

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...here and on other forums, in magazines and books and in shops. I've wanted a bike so bad and for so long. My day has finaly come, for christmas Mrs. Claus is putting an 81 lowrider under the tree. I'll be checking in here more and picking brains I'm sure.
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Hey congrats on the new bike, ride and enjoy. This is a good place, lots of fine folks here. Welcome.
My first new Harley was an 81 Sturgis. I am still sorry I sold it. Hmmmm... what to say first? Watch the coil bracket. The welds break a lot. I went through two or three and finally had a friend reinforce the welds. When the bracket breaks, you won't lose the coil but it will go nuts beating around on everything (usually while going down the highway).
Kick start -- (given you have electronic ignition) if you leave the engine kill switch in the OFF position and then bring the engine up to compression with the kicker, then right when you start down, hit the kill switch to ON. This is after the usual choke out to start, or not if hot. I never had to pump the throttle a bunch of times or anything like that. Practice with the kicker, because the battery can get low enough that it won't crank the electric starter but you'll still have enough voltage to get the electronic ignition to fire when you hit that kill switch to ON.
I could go on for hours about an 81.....
Enjoy it!
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