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It's about time.....

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Well, been a lurker here since 2004 so figured it was time to poney up the $15 and also post in the 'my story' forum. Right now I'm on Harley #2, started with an '05 Lowrider but missed not having any place to put my stuff and I just couldn't bring myself to put bags or a windshield on it. Now I have an '05 RK custom and absolutely love it! A far cry from the '73 Honda 125 Enduro I had years and years ago. So far, lots of good info here!
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:welcome: to the forums.

Two bikes that come standard without geezer glide windshield equipment. :clap: Sounds cool to me.
:welcome: aboard. Gotta get the post count higher...
Welcome to the board. Glad to have the company and thanks for joining.
Welcome to the posting side of this fine forum we all know and love.

Ride on and don't eat too many bugs.
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