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JoeJitsu said:
I wonder if the helmet *really* would have helped here...sounds like they are trying to shift the blame onto the motorcyclist! Who cares if he wasn't wearing a fu(king helmet he was killed by the DRUNK DRIVER!!
Joe, Back when I got Easy Riders they would have articles like this. One time they had one where a motorcyclist had been going fast, lost control and was flung about 100 feet into a tree. Of course, he was killed. He had no helmet on and the reporting officer said that if he had been wearing a helmet, there was a chance he might have survived. :rolleyes:

I don't know about you folks but if I was flying 100 feet through air and hit a tree, I really don't think a helmet would have made much difference. He might have survived but I believe he might have been a vegetable the rest of his life.
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