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I am a new member to this forum. Been riding HD's since discharge from Uncle Sam's Army in 1968. Bought my first "Hog" in October 1968. A 1951 panhead completely stock, tank shift and all. Hooked up with the local motorcycle club through an uncle and make quite a story! In any case I rode that old pan (which I paid $300.00 for) until December 20th. I live in Minnesota so that day put a stop to any motorcycle riding until the spring rain melted all of the ice and snow. As was the practice back then ( I cringe now thinking about this) I took a fire axe to that gorgeous pan and chopped it. Now that was the practice in the late 60's so don't be too hard on me. Anyway I've been riding ever since. Not a year without a Harley. This past January we had a garage fire and of course my bike was in the garage, torn down so I could make it "more efficient". It burned up with the garage-junk. I just bought the replacement, a 2008 FLHTCU with a 110 motor and all of the goodies you can put on it. Came a long way from that old panhead and if I had known the whole bike (as I call it) was so comfortable I would have bought one long ago. I remember my first trip to Sturgis. A club member and I rode from here to Sturgis, only 650 miles, but on ridgid frame choppers. That was 1972 and there were only 12000 people there. We camped in the city park with some other friends and slept in one of those big cemetery tents they set up in bad weather when they plant someone. Somebody commandered this big thing and it fit about 20 people. I have worked as a mechanic for a couple dealerships and at one time had my own shop. So I do know my way around a Harley. That is until they have injected them so I am starting anew with this 08 model. Glad I found you.
Ride on!
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