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Happy Holidays to all.
Not new to forums or the Sporster which i own and ride.
Have a question: I converted my sportster from 883xl to 1200 in 2010. The Dealership that did the conversion, DIDNT adjust the jets or carb. Had Carbs done by Another Dealership and the Jets in 2011 by yet another Motorsport company. OK, the bike runs great - gets awesome mileage etc. I am so glad i had the conversion done. MO Power. But, the question is this: when the bike starts up i hear metal to metal sound. Is this a NORMAL sound because of the new conversion?
YES it was honed and resized.

My Sportster is the 2003 Anniversary XL Custom. NEW: 883 XL
now 1200 XL.

Before i take it back to Outlaw Motorsports which is 100 miles away from me, and have him tear it apart to try and find out why i hear metal on metal when it starts only, once warmed up and out on the road no metal to metal sound. I felt give it a try here to others that have done the conversion to their bikes. I went on long run over 900 miles in May this yr - and bike ran great no problems - my email: [email protected] or reply here.
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