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Introduce myself

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Hello, my name is Tom and I am a new member... I just wanted to post some background info and say Hello.

I live in the Cleveland, Ohio area. I am 29 years old and bought my first bike last year (a 1999 Dyna Low Rider).

I put about 3K miles on the Low Rider last year and had some work done last winter (i.e. had the rims powder coated black, new grips, and new turn signals). I stopped in at the dealer early this spring to pick up a Dyna lift adapter kit (a $20 part) and saw a 2003 Fat Boy that I had to have. I ended up trading the Dyna in (they gave me everything I put into it, minus the taxes I paid) and bought the Fatboy. It is a silver and black 100th year anniversary bike and had 550 miles on it. A Dr. had bought it and invested about $8K in chrome into it (you couldn't do much more cosmetically). I even got all the stock parts that were taken off - about 8 boxes in total. It was kinda funny that I liked the Fatboy so much since I had talked so much smack about the 100th year anniversary bikes (it seemed like everyone had one).

In April, I took the basic rider safety course and got my license. I since put about 8K miles on the Fatboy this year (not bad considering I spent most of October/November hunting and I didn't ride it much until I had my license). I expect to ride about 10K-12K a year from now on.

I am also into bow hunting, shooting (handguns mostly), and other misc. stuff. I am doing some minor work to my bike and plan on doing the regular maintenance going forward... Look out for questions. Thanks.
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Welcome and enjoy. froma member of a neighboring state, Michigan.

good luck and ride safe, when the weather permits.
additional info.

Oh yeah... something else kinda funny.

Since I didn't know how to ride, my girlfriend's brother picked the bike up for me. He ended up going out the next day and bought a 2003 Dyna Wide Glide. The next weekend, my girlfried bought a 2004 883 Sportster custom.

Since then, I have upgraded to the 2003 Fatboy (explained above), my girlfriend upgraded to a 2004 1200 Sportster custom (250 miles on it and lots of chrome, thunderheader pipes), and her brother bought a 2003 Heritage Softail with a Stage III... I am trying to sell his 2003 Dyna Wide Glide if anyone is interested.
Sounds like you have had a busy time since you started riding. Welcome to the forum, you will find a lot of good information here, also very some very knowledgeable people. :welcome: :clap:
Hey Tom, welcome to the forum. It sounds like you are having a bunch of fun getting into the H-D business. What a cool story!

Have fun here and post often!

To see pix of my ride...
Hi Tom and welcome. I'm from the Cleveland area also and am fairly new to riding. I plan on taking the rider course to learn basic safety and get the 10% insurance discount. Which rider course did you take? Did you like the class?
I don't post a whole lot on here but do visit often. There's a lot of good info here. See you later, Geo.
I took the class at Polaris Career Center in Middleburg Heights off of Bagley. It was well worth the $25... Harley charges $350 for their Rider's edge class.

The class was very easy for my girlfriend and I but we both learned a couple of things. Only 1 person out of our class of 12 dropped out and everyone else passed... kind of scary that all of them passed if you saw some of the people take the test. It was kind of nerve racking since none of the bikes have mirrors (from being dropped) and you didn't know if someone was going to run into you.

If you don't have your license, it definitely is a lot easier than trying to take the test at the BMV (from what I hear).
Welcome to the fine motorcycle forum known as VTF.

There are many people here with similar interests as you.

Look around and you shall see.

When Hunting season is over stop by for a few.
:welcome: to the forum. Congrats on the 03 Fatty!! Post up often and enjoy.
:welcome: to the forums. Lots of good information here.
Welcome Tom! Don't you just love the 100th Fatboys?! Have you done much to your ride? Post a pic...

BTW, you married? ;) :D

Thanks for sharing and ride safe,

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