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installing stock radio?

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looking at possibly installing stock radio on 2002 flht. i hear horror stories from dealers saying it takes approximately 3 to 4 hours to install radio and antenna. anybody have feedback on this, have you done it yourself, is wiring all there and just connectors, do you have to rewire, or just takes time to remove fairing and everything? never had radio in it yet. any assistance would be appreciated, this will decide if i buy radio or not, am not gonna pay $250.00 for dealer to install radio.
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It takes time. If you have never done it it will take you the better part of a day, but it is all plug and play and does not require any special tools. It basically just goes together one way.
The basic wiring harness on the bike is the same on all FLHT's other then the differences between carb and EFI and all the plugs are there.
A service manual may give you enough info to make the job a bit more bearable.
As a FLHTC owner, and a nonmechanically inclined one at that!!!!:D I would pop for the dealer performing the work. If it was mid-January, and you didn't mind having the bike down for awhile, maybe taking the time for the install is something you'd want to tackle. With Hippo saying it'd take the better part of a day for a first timer, and he's pretty much on the mark on mechanical stuff, I'd say it'd take me the better part of 3 days!!!!!

Wouldn't be at all surprised with a 4 hours estimate for labor of this job. I'd pop for the labor. I'd rather be riding.

If ya' tackle this puppy on your own, with the Manual instructions suggested by Straydog, let us know how long it took.
yooper, I say go for it yourself and save the $250. I'd buy the FLHT radio kit from Chicago HD and save 20%. If the HD speakers you get with the kit are the same as stock (I think they are), you may not be happy with the sound quality, so use some of that saved labor $$$ for good speakers - you'll be glad you did. Polk Audio makes some much better 5 1/4" speakers (EX352) that will fit, and you should be able to get them at Circuit City for about $100, look here:


I've found that in general the instructions that come with HD accessories are well written, step by step, and easy to follow. Just check off one step at a time and before you know it you'll be done! It might take ya a full day, but at least you'll know it was done right, right?

Installed the radio in my 95 FLHT took about 3 hours, however a good part of that time was spent taking the fairing apart and putting it back together. I'm planning on installing one in my new standard and it should not take as long as the fairing comes apart much easier. Another time saver would be to scrap the supplied antenna and use a hidden one instead...plenty of room inside the fairing to accomodate one. Go for it!!

Black Mack
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