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Installed Forward Controls...Couple Questions

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This weekend I bought/installed the H-D Forward controls for my '02 FXD. Very easy and straightforward installation. Instructions were pretty good. A couple of the steps could have been a little better described, but didn't cause any real headaches or delays! Did a short ride on Sunday and LOVE the new position! Much more comfortable for me than the mid controls!!

Anyway, I have a couple of questions:

1) Adjustment of the shift lever and the brake pedal is kind of a personal fine-tune. I found a location that worked well for the shift lever, but I can't decide what will work best for the brake pedal location. What location (pics if possible) has worked best for those of you with forward controls? There seems to be a balance between optimum functionality and comfort. Just trying to decide best location.

2) Has anyone installed the heal/toe shift lever? I have never owned a bike with a lever to upshift using your heal. Just thought it might be a nice alternative. I am fine with the current set-up, just want to "hear" some of your opinions!

Thanks in advance for any feedback!!
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I'm looking to switch to forward controls on my 05 Dyna. I was wondering what you thought about your HD's? What other options are out there that are around the $300 and lower (hahahah) range? Pros/Cons, etc.

I'm also going to change my bars at the same time because I want to sit straight up rather than lean forward so if you have any suggestions on a particular style of handle bar that would be helpful as well. I'm 5'7". Short legs and the arms are the same. There's also the aggravating speedo on the current bars that I'm concerned might be an issue if I want to use risers or similar.
Thanks for the info! I believe I will settle on the HD's. I actually like how they look moreso than the Kury's and it seems the heel rests and brake pedal you guys referred to is a good setup. Now I have to figure out what handle bars I want. Might take that up in another thread since this one is rather devoted to the forward controls.

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